Thermal Baths

Petriolo Thermal Baths

The Guests have free access to the Thermal Baths.

Already known since Roman and Etruscan times, are characterized by a hilly landscape and a natural environment

Immersed in the Basso Merse nature reserve, in an enchanted setting of woods and hills that allows you to get back in step with nature and yourself, they enjoy a unique position where peace and silence recall primordial atmospheres out of time

Therapeutic Thermal Baths provide an ideal place to restore harmony and vitality to the body.

Mud therapy exerts an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and muscle-relaxing action, stimulating immune function.

Thermal inhalation therapies – inhalations and aerosol – are traditionally used and scientifically recognized in the treatment and prevention of various chronic diseases of the respiratory tract.

Massage therapy has numerous applications in rehabilitative, sports, vascular, aesthetic, and rheumatology medicine.

Therapeutic Thermal Baths
Mud Baths
Thermal Baths